Church of South India


Bishop fined for refusing Christian burial to parishioner

An Indian court has ordered the Bishop in East Kerala to pay damages to the family of a man refused the burial rites of the church on the orders of the bishop


Supreme Court blocks adoption of church constitution

Court hands down injunction against implementation of the Church of South India's constitution following complaints that it was procured by fraud and in a manner contrary to canon law


Primates of the Anglican Communion -- Moderator of the Church of South India

The Most Rev. Govada Dyvasirvadam, Moderator of the Church of South Indian and Bishop in Krishna-Godavari Diocese.


Christmas cancelled in Madras

The Moderator of the Church of South India has urged his churches to cancel Christmas festivals this year in the wake of severe flooding along the Coromandel Coast


Caste rivalries divide Christians over port project in South India

A government-backed industrial development project has divided Catholics and Anglicans along caste lines in the Southern Indian state of Kerala


Indian synod ends in brawl

Police were called to Saturday's meeting of the Kerala CSI Synod in Thiruvanthapuram, when  arguments over ammendments to the church's constitution led to a melee that shut down proceedings.


Indian police investigate clergy in church land fraud affair

The Moderator of the Church of South India has been named a subject of interest by police in connection with an alleged fraud scheme


Plea from church leaders to curtail Hindu extremists

The Moderator of the Church of South India has called upon Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak out against the campaign by Hindu extremists to convert by force Christians to their faith.


Indian bishop warns of ecological disaster if rivers diverted

Plans to link three Indian rivers could see a disaster akin to the destruction of the Aral Sea, Bishop Thomas Oommen warns


Bishops denounce govt U-turn over prohibition

The deputy moderator of the Church of South India, the Rt. Rev. Thomas K. Oommen has denounced the Kerala State government’s U-turn on prohibition.