Church of South India


Indian church to recruit more female clergy

CSI to recruit and promote more women clergy, but will not fast track women to meet gender quotas


Arson attacks on 2 Anglican churches in India

Police in Karnataka in Southern India are investigating the firebombing of two Church of South India churches.


Indian dioceses release election manifesto

The Church of South India’s six dioceses in the state of Kerala have released their first political manifesto in the church’s 69 year history


Muslim greetings for new bishop of Madras

The Nawab of Arcot, Prince Mohammed Abdul Ali, has praised India’s Christian community for its outreach to non-Christians


Court date for bishop on corruption charges

The Church of South India’s bishop in Vellore will appear before a government tribunal this week to respond to charges of corruption.


Hindu extremists attack Anglican church

Four Hindu extremists have been arrested by police in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu after they vandalized a newly built church.


Bishop fined for refusing Christian burial to parishioner

An Indian court has ordered the Bishop in East Kerala to pay damages to the family of a man refused the burial rites of the church on the orders of the bishop


Supreme Court blocks adoption of church constitution

Court hands down injunction against implementation of the Church of South India's constitution following complaints that it was procured by fraud and in a manner contrary to canon law


Primates of the Anglican Communion -- Moderator of the Church of South India

The Most Rev. Govada Dyvasirvadam, Moderator of the Church of South Indian and Bishop in Krishna-Godavari Diocese.


Christmas cancelled in Madras

The Moderator of the Church of South India has urged his churches to cancel Christmas festivals this year in the wake of severe flooding along the Coromandel Coast