Church of the Province of the West Indies


Barbados falling short on the promises of independence, archbishop says

Chronic unemployment and underemployment, a lack of electricity, sanitation services and running water in some homes coupled with a decline in public and private morality were signs that all was not well.


ISIS threatens West Indies

The Bishop of Trinidad has asked parishes to tighten security after threats were made by local ISIS supporters against the church.


Caribbean diocese to mark 175th anniversary

Year long observance planned for the Diocese of North East Caribbean and Aruba


Guyana synod approves women priests

Last hold out in the West Indies votes to approve women priests


T&T Bishop calls for raising the age of consent

The Bishop of Trinidad & Tobago has urged his country’s parliament to reform the nation’s marriage laws, raising the age of legal marriage to 18. 


Bishops urges international mediation in Central American border dispute

The Bishop of Belize has urged his country’s territorial dispute with Guatemala be referred to the International Court of Justice for mediation


Apologies for slavery unhelpful, Barbados bishop argues

"I am not sure what an apology would do at this stage,” said Bishop Rufus Brome 


Clergy condemn 'gang culture' in the Caribbean

Church have spoken out against the growth of “gang culture” in the West Indies, urging Anglicans to take the lead in combatting the moral causes of the region’s crime wave.


Bahamas archdeacon sacked

“It is most unfortunate that information about this diocesan administrative matter has hit the public domain prematurely, with the accompanying embellishments and interpretations, that is, stating that the sole reason for my decision was archdeacon’s failure to apologise to the prime minister. Nothing could be further from the truth.”


Be an instrument of God's peace -- Christmas message from the Archbishop of the West Indies

If there is a condition ... full of conflict and tension, a condition that makes the presence of peace difficult to implant and to maintain, one in which the use of a gun may seem to someone as an easier solution than the pursuit of reconciliation, do your best to restore peace. This is the greatest gift you can share at this time.