Church of the Province of the West Indies


Bishop lobbies parliament to strike down Jamaica's sodomy laws

Bishop Howard Gregory calls for revamp of Sexual Offences Act including criminalizing marital rape and decriminalizing "buggery"


Bishop challenges PM's claim that all is well

Bahamaian bishop urges voters to follow their conscience, not the party line, in voting


West Indian synod underway

Concerns over a province adrift, to be raised at Belize meeting


Christmas message from the Archbishop of the West Indies

ON THIS WONDERFUL Christmas Day, we  are led to the story in the Gospels of St Matthew and St Luke, where we read of the birth of a baby in some very trying circumstances. 


Christmas message from the Bishop of Trinidad & Tobago

The celebration of Christmas is a sign. It is the commemoration of a prophetic fulfillment: “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign.


Barbados falling short on the promises of independence, archbishop says

Chronic unemployment and underemployment, a lack of electricity, sanitation services and running water in some homes coupled with a decline in public and private morality were signs that all was not well.


ISIS threatens West Indies

The Bishop of Trinidad has asked parishes to tighten security after threats were made by local ISIS supporters against the church.


Caribbean diocese to mark 175th anniversary

Year long observance planned for the Diocese of North East Caribbean and Aruba


Guyana synod approves women priests

Last hold out in the West Indies votes to approve women priests