Church of the Province of West Africa


Homosexuality is un-African says Ghana diocese

The synod of the Diocese of the Cape Coast has called for the government of Ghana to reject “pernicious” attempts by Western governments and churches to pressure the country to accept same-sex marriage. 


West African archbishop calls for popular campaign against corruption

The Primate of the Church of the Province of West Africa has called upon the clergy of Ghana to denounce public corruption from the pulpits of their churches.


Chief Justice calls for the church to clean up Ghana

The antidote to corruption and crime was the moral transformation of the nation, said the Hon. Georgina Theodora Woode and that could only be accomplished by the church.


Sierra Leone parish emerges from the ruins of civil war

Thirteen years after the close of the Sierra Leone civil the Diocese of Freetown has reconsecrated St Simon & St Jude parish church in Tombo


African church leaders call for govt action to stop Mediterranean migrations

"We encourage African youth to stay in their home countries and work hard to earn their daily keep. They must not assume that Europe and other places outside Africa guarantee automatic comforts and pleasure."


Archbishop calls for united war on drugs

The Archbishop of the Church of the Province of West Africa has criticized politicians in Ghana for using the arrest of a smuggler caught with 12kg of cocaine at Heathrow Airport a


Ebola survivors in need

Christian Aid has joined the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to distribute essential household items to Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone.


Ebola kills Anglican doctor in Sierra Leone

The West African Ebola outbreak has claimed the life of an Anglican doctor


Ebola prayers for West Africa

The Primate of the Church of the Province of West Africa has asked Christians to observe one Sunday as “Ebola Sunday” and to pray for God’s blessing and healing of those afflicted


New West African archbishop urges govt to ban gay marriage

The Bishop of Liberia, the Rt. Rev. Jonathan Hart, has been elected Metropolitan Archbishop of West Africa in succession to the late Archbishop Tilewa Johnson of The Gambia.


Archbishop of Ghana to lead Church of the Province of West Africa

The Archbishop of Ghana, the Most Rev. Daniel Sarfo, Bishop of Kumasi, has succeeded to the post of Primate of the Church of the Province of West Africa.


Celibacy in marriage is a sin, Bishop tells Mothers Union

Women who withhold sexual congress with their husbands are sinning against God and their husbands, a Ghanian bishop said last week.