Church of the Province of South East Asia


Churches bombed in Kathmandu

Religious extremists have responded to the vote by the Nepalese parliament to declare the country a “Hindu religious country” in the nation’s new constitution by bombing three churches.


New Archbishop for South East Asia

The Bishop of West Malaysia has been elected Primate of the Anglican Province of South East Asia.


Bishops denounce Malaysian state-sponsored persecution of Christians

"We can smell the increasing repression of religious space as an intentional effort of using extremism to create fear and threats for political mileage," -- Bishop Hing Moon of West Malaysia


Phnom Penh parish breaks ground

Construction is set to start on the largest Christian Church in Cambodia


Province of South East Asia will not ordain women, new bishop says

The Church of the Province of South East has no plans to ordain women to the priesthood and is firmly opposed to the innovation of same-sex marriage, the new Bishop of Sabah in North Borneo said.


Pittsburgh priest reports on Nepal earthquake

Reports from Anglican missionaries in the field in Nepal have begun to reach the West following the 25 April 2015 earthquake that devastated Kathmandu and the surrounding regions.


Muslim mob demands cross removed from Malaysian Pentecostal church

Malaysian Anglicans have rallied to the support of a Pentecostal church in Petaling Jaya after a Muslim mob disrupted worship services last week and forced the congregation to take down a cross mounted on the church’s facade.


Aid appeal for Nepal

Church aid agencies have issued a plea for help following the 25 April 2015 earthquake that devastated Nepal.


Email update on the Nepal Earthquake

The Dean of Nepal, the Very Rev. Lewis Lui writes on the aftermath of the 25 April 2015 earthquake


Allah ban unconscionable, archbishop declares

Archbishop Lapok disappointed that a Malaysian appellate court has refused to review the ruling banning a Catholic newspaper from using the world “Allah” to refer to God