Church of the Province of Central Africa


Dr. Kunonga deserted by allies

Four key lieutenants seek separate trial from breakaway bishop


Central African archbishop intervenes in Manicaland

Archbishop Albert Chama has ordered a return to the status quo in the dispute between the Bishop of Manicaland and the congregation of St Agnes Anglican Church in Mutare


Islam to be taught in Zimbabwe state primary schools

Minister of Education has not converted to Islam, Mugabe says, and remains a Catholic.


Bishop asks courts to ban troublesome parishioners

Bishop of Manicaland asks court to block 26 members of a Mutare parish from returning to church


Ex-bishop demands repayment of loans to Central African church

Bishop Julius Makoni seeks repayment of $116,000 in loans to the CPCA used to pay the church's attorneys in the Kunonga affair


Archbishop of Central Africa writes to Ban Ki-moon on refugees

At the request of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop Albert Chama has written to the UN Secretary General ahead of the UN summit on refugees and migrants today.


Police repress pro-democracy march in Harare

"The Anglican Church stands on the side of the People of Zimbabwe as they exercise their right to be heard by their Government."


Malawi sees spike in cholera and typhoid cases

An Anglican nursing school in Malawi has reopened after health officials gave it a clean bill of health following an outbreak of typhoid in early July.


Mugabe warns churches to keep quiet

Church leaders who have denounced the nonegarian strongman are tools of British imperialism, Mugabe claims