Church of North India


Indian church schools and hospitals shuttered in protest to Hindu persecution

Over one hundred church schools, clinics and institutions around Lucknow closed their doors last month in a one day protest in the wake of the vandalization of a church in Agra


Forcible conversions of Christians to Hinduism prompts anger

Church leaders in North India have denounced the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for giving its "tacit support" to the “ghar waspi” campaign by Hindu militants to forcibly convert Christ


Arson attack on Delhi church

Christians in India staged a mass protest last week, demanding government action following the firebombing of a one of Delhi’s largest churches.


Christian backing for BJP

Indian church leaders have given their support to the Hindu-Nationalist BJP Party


New Primate for North India

The Bishop in Amritsar, PK Samataroy, was elected 13th moderator of the Church of North India.


Delhi bishop quits

The Church of North India’s Bishop in Delhi, the Rt. Rev. Sunil Kumar Singh, wrote to the members of his diocesan synod announcing he was standing down for health reasons.


Calcutta Cathedral falling down

St Paul’s Cathedral in Calcutta has launched an appeal for aid to save the Gothic revival style cathedral from falling down.


Church of North India treasurer charged with fraud

Police have filed charges of fraud against the treasurer of the Church of North India, accusing Mr. Prem Mashih of participating in a conspiracy to sell church lands for personal profit.


Bombay bishops under investigation

The Bombay High Court has directed police to complete their fraud investigation of four Church of North India Bishops accused of selling church lands for their personal profit.


Bishop in Lucknow deposed

The Bishop in Lucknow, the Rt. Rev. Morris Edgar Dan, has been deposed by the synod of the Church of North India for conduct unbecoming a member of the clergy.