Church of Nigeria


Nicholas Okoh writes to GAFCON in the wake of the Jerusalem Conference

Gafcon claims no global jurisdiction. ... the Jerusalem Letter do not have juridical force, they do have moral and spiritual authority. 


Stop the killing says Okoh

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh urges Fulani to end their war against farmers in Nigeria


Outrage over attack on GAFCON general secretary's home

Fulani raiders claim 11 more lives. Release warns of campaign to drive Christians from northern Nigeria, calls for government protection


Christian death toll in Nigeria mounts

Release International warns of strategy to drive Christians from north Nigeria and asks: ‘Who is arming and training the attackers?’ 


Nigeria sees 106 lethal attacks by Fulani herders

Fulani herder militia perpetrated at least 106 attacks on communities in central Nigeria in the first quarter of 2018, claiming 1061 lives.


Will the real Josiah Idowu-Fearon please stand up

David Ould looks at the evolution of the ACC general secretary


The "war in heaven" has spilled over into Anglicanism, says Okoh

The Anglican wars were issues of life and death, heaven and hell, Archbishop Okoh warns GAFCON III in his presidential address.


Okoh urges Nigeria quit the Commonwealth

Welby says the Commonwealth is "blessing to the world"


Bishop carjacked in Nigeria

The Rt. Rev. Nathan Inyom and his wife, Becky, were unhurt after bandits stopped their car at gunpoint, leaving them at the roadside