Church of England


Manx priest jailed for abuse

52 months imprisonment for priest who molested three girls


Easter message from the Prince of Wales

Charles voices support and concern for persecuted Christians


Pastoral letter from Canterbury and York at the close of the IICSA abuse hearings

Justin Welby and John Sentamu write at the conclusion of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) hearing for the Church of England and Church in Wales.


Truth is the scapegoat for Pilate Welby

Why isn’t Welby calling for the resignation of his opposite number in York, asks Jules Gomes.


Court of Appeal rules against gay marriage priest

Court dismisses appeal of Jeremy Pemberton against the Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham for discrimination because he contracted a same-sex marriage


Stephen Hawking to be interred in Westminster Abbey

Physicist's ashes to be interred in the Abbey near the grave of Sir Isaac Newtown


Church of England brings cashless transactions to its congregations

The Church of England announced today that it is making contactless, virtual terminal, and SMS mobile payments available for congregational giving


Turks squeeze Christ Church Istanbul

Speculation Welby's Ankara visit has thrust Anglican chaplaincy into the war between Erdoğan and the West