Church of England


Church pledges £24 million for nationwide new projects

An ambitious project aimed at opening new churches in deprived urban estates has been singled out for funding.


Reform announces changes at the top

Susie Leafe to resign as director of the conservative evangelical group


Questions in Parliament over support for Syrian rebels

Baroness Cox asked the Government “what is their assessment of the current situation in Syria”. The Bishop of Leeds, Rt Rev Nick Baines, asked a follow-up question


Archbishop of Canterbury's Christmas sermon 2017

Sermon delivered on 25 December 2017 at Canterbury Cathedral


Un-justin Welby and the innocence of George Bell

"Let him live by the same standards that he imposed on the elderly George Carey," writes Gavin Ashenden about Justin Welby.


London flubs first broadcast outing

Sarah Mullally channels Sir Humphrey Appleby in her first radio interview following appointment as Bishop of London


Safe-space Sarah

Jules Gomes offers his views on the appointment of Sarah Mullally


Bishop of London appointed

The next Bishop of London will be the Rt Rev Sarah Mullally DBE, currently Bishop of Crediton, 


Justin Welby must apologise or resign

Gavin Ashenden confronts the injustice of Justin Welby's treatment of George Bell and George Carey