Church of England


101 years later, peace at last for RFC aviators

In a moving ceremony near The Somme in France, the final resting place of two RFC aviators has finally been marked exactly 101 years after their deaths


Justin Welby Broadway Bound

Jules Gomes gives the Archbishop of Canterbury the Lerner & Loewe treatment -- casting him in the ecclesial edition of 'My Fair Lady'


The need for a confessing church of England grows day by day

African Christian turned away from British university for the crime of being a believing Christian


Welby back on top

The primates are fully satisfied with the Archbishop of Canterbury’s handling of the disciplinary measures handed down by the 2016 primates gathering, Justin Welby said today.


Welby unable to affirm personally Christian teaching on marriage

Gavin Ashenden reflects on Welby's inability to give a ‘straight answer’ on whether gay sex is sinful.


Scotland on day one's docket at the Canterbury primates meeting

The revision of the Scottish Episcopal Church’s marriage canons to permit same-sex weddings was among the first topics addressed yesterday at the meeting of primates in Canterbury.


Homage to William Tyndale

Jules Gomes on a fitting model for a statue of libery


Number of women in ordained ministry at record high

Church of England reports more women than men now training for ordained ministry


Studying the Culicidae Cantuaria

Jules Gomes sees the Archbishop of Canterbury as a small biting insect spreading the disease of Keynesian economics


A crisis of character at the top of the Anglican Communion

Is Justin Welby incapable of thinking seriously about ethical problems in relation to the Bible during a live radio interview?


Schools failing British students by dropping religious education

A quarter of secondary schools in the UK are not teaching their pupils any religious education