Church of England


Bishop of Chichester's speech to General Synod on safeguarding

"We must never privilege the institution of the church above the inviolable dignity of a human person, especially a vulnerable person."


The heresies of Jayne Ozanne

Melvin Tinker underscores the Pelagian and Socianian errors of progressive commentator Jayne Ozanne


Bishops bash Enoch Powell

Press release from the Bishop of Wolverhampton


The Bridge over the River Chaos

Jules Gomes' address to the George Bell Group


Welby under assault from a new quarter

Let’s give Justin a break. He’s had a rough year.


Preserving Apostolic Faith and Life

Statement by the Church of England Evangelical Council on marriage and sex


Three cheers for the Church of England Evangelical Council's statement on marriage and sex

David Baker writes there reasons why evangelicals of whatever hue or shade should rejoice with the CEEC's statement on marriage


Gay marriage and conscience clauses

It shouldn’t be a criminal or social offence to love God, love your neighbour and try to follow the Maker’s instructions.


Pemberton back in court

Priest denied license after gay marriage seeks redress from the Court of Appeal in London


Safeguarding Statement on George Bell

"Fresh information" received and will be investigated Safeguarding Team reports


Conservative Evangelicals reject transgender-lite liturgies

Comment by Reform on GS Misc 1178 Update on ‘Welcoming Transgender People’