Church of England


Hull parish stops payments to diocese

St John Newland cuts off funds to the Diocese of York over General Synod actions


Sunday Sermon -- Trinity 6

Gavin Ashenden's homily for the 6th Sunday after Trinity: Jesus, Judgement and Justice, (with reference to Mother Julian & Frodo)


Double standards in the church?

Chris Sugden and Vinay Samuel ask why the Church of England's leadership has a selective sense of outrage


Anything goes in today's Church of England

The Church of England has gone mad today, And good's bad today, And black's white today, And day's night today, observes Jules Gomes


General Synod has crossed the line

Open letter to British Anglicans of July 18, 2017 urging collective action to reform and renew the Church of England


Prominent Anglo-Catholic convicted on three counts of fraud

Fr Andrew Sloane stole from the collection plate to pay for prostitutes, prosecution charged


The curious case of the archbishop who could not sleep

Jules Gomes writes "Church says you can choose to be gay but not to be straight"