Church of England


Learning not to hate in the plural

Gavin Ashenden recommends PG Woodhouse as a balm for these troubled times


Jonathan Jukes appointed President of Oak Hill College

Johnny has served in Anglican churches in inner city London, market and university towns, the City of London and, for the last 19 years as incumbent of St Andrew’s, Kirk Ella, East Yorkshire.


Sermon for the 9th Sunday after Trinity

Gavin Ashenden recounts the tale of an amphibian Christian


Awakening monsters in the quest to be free

Gavin Ashenden examines the dangers of the transgender moment


Sunday Sermon - Trinity 7

Love, justice and the crisis of choice. A homily for the 7th Sunday after Easter


Response to the Archbishops' Statement on the 50th anniversary of decriminalisation of homosexual behaviour

[W]hat is operating is not a moral approach but a political one that panders to the lobbies who will label as condemnation anything that questions their behaviour.


Canterbury & York statement on anniversary of the de-criminalization of homosexual acts in Britain

A statement on the 50th Anniversary of the Act of Parliament passed in 1967 which decriminalised homosexual acts in our Country


Embattled British Anglicans appeal for support

Call to all Christians to endorse the "Movement for Renewed Orthodox Anglicanism"


Alternative Synod? What's happening in the CoE?

One year ago the Telegraph announced on its front page the new ‘Anglican Partnership Synod’. Peter Sanlon looks at what has happened so far