Christian Episcopal Church


Homily on the Transfiguration

Experiencing the Glory of God by Gavin Ashenden


Homily for the Second Sunday before Lent

Gavin Ashenden's sermon, Animals to Angels, for Epiphany 5


Homily for Candlemass

The pre-eminence of the Spirit on the presentation of Christ 


Homily for the 3rd Sunday after Epiphany

Gavin Ashenden speaks about Jesus the "alchemist of hope" at the wedding at Cana


Sermon for the 2nd Sunday after Epiphany

God's Break-in to the human heart; the Lamb who was slain.


Affirmations and Resolutions

There is something about the gung-ho attitude of New Year's Resolutions, writes Gavin Ashenden, that always fails to convince me


Christmas Eve homily 2017

The birth of Jesus, the savior of addicts by Gavin Ashenden


Homily for the last Sunday before Advent

The sheep and the goats, accountability before Christ by the Rt. Rev. Gavin Ashenden


No fault divorce will only make things worse for Britain

Gavin Ashenden urges Parliament not to adopt American-style no-fault divorce laws for England and Wales.


Letters to the Times

Gavin Ashenden writes to The Times about its coverage of trans-gender issues


Homily for the 3rd Sunday before Advent

Gavin Ashenden looks at Matthew 25, the parable of the 10 bridesmaids