Anglican Church of Korea


New archbishop for Korea

The Bishop of Daejeon, Moses Nak Jun Yoo, has been elected as Primate of the Anglican Church of Korea.


South Korean churches applaud Trump overture to Pyongyang

National Council of Churches of Korea welcomes direct talks between US and North Korea


Interfaith plea for peace on the Korean peninsula

Seoul – To sign and apply the cease-fire, negotiate a peace treaty, establish a long-lasting reconciliation era in the Korean peninsula: are the requests contained in a special peace appeal signed


Primates of the Anglican Communion -- Archbishop of Korea

The Most Rev. Paul Keun Sang Kim, Archbishop of Korea and Bishop of Seoul.


Life sentence for Canadian pastor convicted of proselytizing North Koreans

Rev Hyeon Soo Lim has worked for decades to provide humanitarian aid to North Korea. He was sentenced on Wednesday (Dec 16) on charges of ‘political terrorism’.