Anglican Church of Canada


Christmas message from the Archbishop of Canada

As Christmas approaches we find ourselves greeting and being greeted in a variety of ways – I wish you a Merry Christmas, I pray your Christmas is holy and happy, or I hope you enjoy a good Christm


No gay marriage in New Westminster before 2019

The Rt. Rev. Melissa Skelton states the Diocese of New Westminster will wait 3 years before moving forward with same-sex marriages


Anne Germond elected 11th Bishop of Algoma

South African elected as the Canadian diocese's first woman bishop                      


Major New Art Installation Unveiled at St Paul's Bloor Street

This new sculpture, entitled "When I Was a Stranger", invites pedestrians to sit on bronze stools, joining the cloaked figure of Jesus Christ


Toronto elects first partnered "gay" bishop

The Diocese of Toronto elected three suffragan bishops at a special meeting of synod including the Anglican Church of Canada’s first “gay” bishop.


Toronto Church Creates Liturgy for Gender Transformation

Diocese of Toronto newspaper reports on parish transgender blessing rites


No gay church weddings for Nova Scotia

Bishop Ron Cutler writes to his clergy saying that although some dioceses were going ahead with gay weddings, Nova Scotia was not


Gay marriage "no" vote not counted at General Synod

Bishop Mark McDonald's vote against same-sex marriage not recorded in General Synod tallies, General Secretary reports


Goodbye to the Anglican Church of Canada

With the recent vote to officially endorse same-sex marriage, the Anglican Church of Canada has at last demonstrated its faithless and apostate leadership. True Christians must get out, argues Joe Boot.


Toronto archbishop will consider moving forward on gay marriage

Archbishop Colin Johnson will forge ahead with gay marriage rites as a "pastoral" necessity for Toronto