Anglican Church of Australia


Bendigo v Sydney documents

Documents distributed to the Australian bishops in the dispute over the participation of Australian bishops in the Lines consecration


Fallout in Australia over Lines consecration

Archbishop Freier asks for Appellate Tribunal review of Australian participation in the consecration of the ACNA's Andy Lines


Looking forward to Jerusalem 2018

Peter Jensen writes about next year's GAFCON conference in Jerusalem


The Mythical Middle

Peter Jensen is not persuaded by claims that a third way can be found through the Anglican doctrinal wars


Statement on gender transformation from Dr Jo Inkpin

Open letter from Queensland priest on his decision to change genders


Compassion for the lost

Bishop Trevor Edwards looks at Australia's 2016 religion census


Perth pays half a million in legal fees to defend embattled archbishop

Diocese paid $474,000 after insurers refused to cover the costs of Archbishop Roger Herft's legal counsel before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse


ACL push back against Archbishop Freier

Anglican Church League Council issues statement rebutting arguments of the Australian Primate against Australian participation in the Lines consecration


Australian primate on the Lines consecration

Archbishop Freier writes to the Australian bishops expressing his disquiet over the consecration of Andy Lines