Quincy celebrates trial court victory over Episcopal Church

“We are grateful that Judge Ortbal invested hundreds of hours to review all the arguments and case law in this matter, and that he determined that the members of the Diocese of Quincy have a right to worship in the churches they have built and maintained, said The Rev. Canon Frank Dunaway of the Diocese of Quincy.


Episcopal Church confident it will win Fort Worth fight

Bishop Rayford High reports that after meeting with his lawyers to review the 30 Aug 2013 Texas Supreme Court ruling, he is confident the Episcopal Church will prevail when the fight returns to the trial court for a rehearing.


President of the House of Deputies calls for peace in the UTO war

The Rev. Gay Jennings, President of the House of Deputies of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church was not involved in the dispute between the national church and the UTO board, saying it is a "situation is badly in need of reconciliation."