Central American bishops statement on the migrant caravan

The bishops of the Anglican and Episcopal dioceses of Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Southeast and Northern Mexico express their solidarity with the caravans of emigrants to the United States in search of work


Iglesia Anglicana de Chile becomes the 40th province of the Anglican Communion

The Archbishop of Canterbury presided at the ceremony, which inaugurated a new stage in the life of the national church,

Ugandan president offers financial support to Kampala Anglican cathedral

President Yoweri Museveni has pledged Shs.500 million towards All Saints’ New Cathedral construction project.


7 dead in ISIS attack on Egyptian pilgrims

Terrorists attack pilgrims returning froma visit to the Anba Samuel the Confessor monastery southeast of Cairo


St Paul's Darien looses parish status

Parish put under direct authority of bishop by vote of Episcopal Annual Convention


Court rejects Cook plea for clemency

Court declines to allow ex-bishop time off for good behavior


Reformed Episcopal Seminary expands programs to Europe

Philadelphia seminary will validate degrees taught by partner colleges in Germany, Croatia and England


65 senior faith leaders call for a real Living Wage in The Sunday Times

Poverty “is damaging family life, and robbing future generations of a secure and stable home", say British faith leaders


Pakistan government gives in to protestors over Asia Bibi

Pakistan moves to prevent Asia Bibi leaving the country, Pakistan press calls it ‘another surrender’, Release International says pray for Asia and Christian minority as danger level rises