Anglican Unscripted 565 – Royal Row & Eucharist Row

Kevin Kallsen, George Conger, and Gavin Ashenden discuss the Royal Chaos caused by Harry and Meghan's decision to 'step back' from Senior...

Ugandan police say farewell to Archbishop Ntagali

Anglican Unscripted 563 – Un-United Methodist Unscripted

Kevin Kallsen and Dr. Ryan Danker discuss the breaking news about the proposed 'split' within the United Methodist Church.

Anglican Unscripted 561 – Phobic Phobic

Kevin Kallsen, George Conger, and Gavin Ashenden sit down to talk about the Jonathan Fletcher story that appeared in today's Telegraph. ...

Anglican Unscripted 560 – Unwrapping the Gift of Suffering

Kevin Kallsen, George Conger, and Gavin Ashenden talk about the world of global politics, suffering, and Pope Francis' new idea of ceasing...

Anglican Unscripted 558 – Unscripted Indeed

Kevin Kallsen interviews Gavin Ashenden about his upcoming conversion to Roman Catholicism.

Anglican Unscripted 557 – Rome Unscripted

The Anglican Communion is not the only denomination slipping into the culture war.

Anglican Unscripted 556 – The War against Unconditional Love

The politics of 2019 and recent elections lead the Trio into a great discussion.

Anglican Unscripted 555 – The Paradox of Seminaries

Gavin, George, and Kevin talk about the breaking news from Truro Church in Virginia and the complicated relationships of Seminaries in England....

Pakistani Christians falsely accused of blasphemy

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Chinese diocese asked to ban children to resume services

A Catholic bishop in northern China's Hebei province has been asked to ban children from entering churches if he wants to reopen his...

Navy rescinds regulations on off base worship

NAV Memo Religious Freedom 2020.07.08 by George Conger on Scribd

Anglican Diocese of the Carolinas reorganizes episcopal areas

July 8, 2020 Dear Brothers and Sisters, Greetings in the name...

South Carolina call for a coadjutor

On July 9, 2020, Bishop Lawrence sent the following message to the Diocese.  Dear Friends in Christ,