Anglican Unscripted 495 – We are back from the dead

Your hosts have endured and continue to endure the cruelest set of circumstances evil can produce. Pray for us.

Anglican Unscripted 493 – The Church, Corrupted.

The corruption of the church is almost complete.

Anglican Unscripted 491 – The Church of England is a Hoax Church

Don't be cynical Anglican Unscripted is the only video newscast in the Anglican Communion. Each Episode Kevin, Canon...

Anglican Unscripted 489 – Lambeth 2020

Kevin and Stephen Noll discuss a range of issues surrounding Lambeth 2020.

Anglican Unscripted 486 – What the hell is he doing here?

For centuries the Christian Church has been weakening under poor leadership. At the same time, Islam has remained unchanged -- but...

Anglican Unscripted 484 – It’s 3pm… do you know where AU is?

The Winsome Trio tackles the topics of the CofE not restoring the reputation of Bp Bell and the silence from the usual...

Anglican Perspective: Addressing False Teaching In England

In this Anglican Perspective video interview, The Rev. Canon Phil Ashey interviews the Rev. Dr. Peter Sanlon, author of The Bible Theft: Guarding...

AU 480 – I apologize, BUT…

Gavin and Kevin talk about the apology weekend in the Church of England. The Briden report exonerates deceased Bishop Bell of...

AU 479 – Friday Free for All

George and Kevin discuss the follow up to Nigeria's Cana Bishop appointment and the recent ACNA College of Bishop's meeting in Florida....

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Renewal arising in Britain outside of the established church:...

A celebrated author and theologian who was Dean of Lichfield before a stint as Bishop of Durham returned to the city today.

Foley Beach elected to second term as ACNA archbishop

Plano, TX - The College of Bishops of the Anglican Church in North America has re-elected the Most Rev. Dr. Foley Beach...

Glasgow congregation withdraws from the Scottish Episcopal Church

St Silas Church in the West End of Glasgow has voted to discontinue its status as a licensed private chapel within the...

AU 510 – Women in the Episcopate

Stephen Noll and Kevin Kallsen talk about GAFCON, Women Bishops, and the Property Gospel in Africa.