Anglican Unscripted 542 – Do we pray what we believe?

The Amazon Synod is revealing the chaos in the Roman Catholic church and how closely it resembles the Episcopal Church and the...

Anglican Unscripted 541 – RC: The Good, Bad, & Ugly

The Amazon Synod has begun and your AU Trios have some thoughts about the clash of Roman Catholicism.

Anglican Unscripted 540 – Is that Anglican?

The Three Amigos have a great discussion around the complex understanding of Women in Holy Orders and the East African Revival. ...

Anglican Unscripted 534 -“Darkness cannot drive out darkness”

The Winsome Trio discuss their critics and that latest crazy news around the communion.

Anglican Unscripted 530 – Spiritual Porn

Your Anglican Trio talks about the collapse of Brexit, the Uniqueness of Jesus Christ, and the death of Robert Mugabe.

Anglican Unscripted 529 – Varvatious

The Anglican Trio talks about Cathedral Yoga, Justin Welby's Brexit haste, and all the news from the 'Been-There-Done-That Episcopal Church.

Anglican Unscripted 525 – Apology Tour Inc.

When the church loses it's focus on the Gospel, it runs amuck with clergy looking for things to apologize for.

Anglican Unscripted 523 – Helter Skelter

Last week it was Golf in the Cathedral to raise attendance. Not to be outdone, another Diocese in the Church of...

Anglican Unscripted 522 – Double Bogey or Par?

Who is running the Church of England? Nobody... if the blogs are to be believed. Also, you may not need...

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In his address to the Synod today , the Rt Rev. Daniel H. Martins, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Springfield announced...

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One of my favourite childhood stories was the Emperor’s new clothes. I’ve always been suspicious of the pressure from crowds to make...

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