Press Releases


Pray for Egypt

The Bishop of Egypt, Dr. Mouneer Anis, and the clergy of Egypt issue call to prayer for their nation


Archbishop Makgoba: The ANC’s time may have passed

Cape Town archbishop sees change in South Africa's political future


Welby sermon marking 500th anniversary of the Reformation

Sermon preached at Westminster Abbey today, during a service marking 500 years since the start of the Reformation.


Kenya gathering focuses on including persons with disabilities

WCC brings church leaders from across East Africa to talk about inclusion of the disabled in the life of the church


Conservative evangelical elected Bishop of Caledonia

The Rev. David Lehmann, regional dean of the Upper Mackenzie, in the diocese of the Arctic, has been elected bishop of the diocese of Caledonia.


"None Should Perish" conference opens in Singapore

The Church needs to change its mindset and focus with more urgency and passion on what will last forever Archbishop Moon Hing told the 2017 Singapore mission conference


Nashotah House prof dies in boating accident

Statement on the death of Daniel Westberg from Nashotah House


Nigeria slams stage managed primates meeting

It seems it is now ‘officially’ possible to teach the opposite of what the Bible teaches and still be fully part of the Communion


Communique from the Council of the Church in East Asia meeting in Rangoon

The Archbishops and Bishops committed themselves to pray and work for peace and harmony in the world in the light of religious extremism and violence.


Prime Minister backs Church of England drive to eradicate modern slavery

The Clewer Initiative helps the CoE's 42 dioceses work to support victims of modern slavery and identify the signs of exploitation in their local communities.