Press Releases


Gafcon Networks Move Forward

Charles Raven reports on the progress of the GAFCON networks


Archbishop of Canterbury meets with Ecumenical Patriarch

Archbishop Justin visits Patriarch Bartholomew in Istanbul as ICAOTD meets in Cyprus


Executive Council passes budget, grants diocesan waivers

Report from the October 2018 meeting of the Episcopal Church's executive council


British gay activists respond to bishops letter to GAFCON

Today OneBodyOneFaith has responded to eleven evangelical bishops who have written to the Bishop of Coventry


Church of Ireland supports reform of Irish blasphemy laws

Statement from the Church and Society Commission of the Church of Ireland, on the Referendum to remove the reference to blasphemy in the Irish Constitution


Moscow severs relations with Ecumenical Patriarch

Statement by the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church concerning the encroachment of the Patriarchate of Constantinople on the canonical territory of the Russian Church


Rowan Williams leads Anglican delegation to Rome for the canonization of Oscar Romero

Anglican bishop of El Salvador states his diocese “in our prayers thank God for giving us the gift of Saint Romero, our brother.”


Brunson leaves Turkey

Imprisoned pastor flies out of Turkey accompanied by US government officials