Press Releases


National Cathedral Dean Randy Hollerith Criticizes Executive Order Weakening the Johnson Amendment

In response to an executive order issued by President Donald Trump on Thursday, May 4, instructing the Treasury and the IRS not to enforce provisions in the Johnson Amendment regarding political ac


Jesmond Parish statement on Pryke consecration

Consecration of "new style English bishop" took place off site from Jesmond Parish


Bishop of Sodor & Man announced

Anglo-Catholic bishop-elect has promised to ordain women clergy


Communique from the Feb meeting of Southern African bishops

We discussed the Pastoral Guidelines for ministry to those in same-sex relationships, which are still incomplete. We asked Archbishop Thabo to set up a small group of Bishops to work on completing them, together with others who could help the process.


Scottish response to the GAFCON Lagos communique

The news that GAFCON intends to send a missionary bishop to Britain is regrettable


Bishop of Llandaff appointed

June Osborne, who has served as Dean of Salisbury for the past 13 years, has been chosen as the 72nd Bishop of Llandaff,


GAFCON UK responds to the Lagos communique

[W]e warmly welcome the decision of the Primates to consecrate a missionary Bishop 


Truro parish defends pact with TEC

Wardens issue statement saying Bishop Guernsey was kept fully informed of their plans


Post-trial briefs filed in Bruno case

Episcopal Church Attorney asks hearing panel to find Bruno guilty of having comitted serious misconduct