Press Releases


Brunson leaves Turkey

Imprisoned pastor flies out of Turkey accompanied by US government officials


Pastor Andrew Brunson Is Released

 “While we welcome this good news, we should not lose sight of other religious freedom concerns in this country,” said Commissioner Perkins


Unanimous UK Supreme Court decision in gay cake case

Landmark free speech victory, equality law does not compel people so say something with which they profoundly disagree


Invitation to the inauguration of the Anglican Church of Chile

The Inauguration Ceremony of the Province of the Anglican Church of Chile and the Installation of its first Primate the Most Reverend Héctor Zavala Muñoz will take place on Sunday Nov 4. 


South African Anglican Church announces new steps to combat sexual abuse

In future anyone wanting to be ordained to serve as a clergyperson will have to provide a police clearance certificate.


Netflix options the Chronicles of Narnia

Netflix and the CS Lewis estate have signed deal to develop the Narnia series


Call for 'Big Conversation' on clergy care and well-being

“Our goal is to bring about a culture change in the Church towards greater awareness of our shared responsibility to promote clergy care and well-being" says chairman of the working group