Sunday Sermon - Trinity 12

Gavin Ashenden reflects on "discriminating love"


Faults in the South Carolina Decision Laid Bare (II)

Part two of AS Haley's analysis of the Episcopal church case petitions before the South Carolina Supreme Court


Faults in South Carolina Decision Laid Bare

AS Haley looks at Friday's petitions in the Episcopal church cases


Thousands of South Carolina Christians to be displaced due to judicial bias

Call for voter action from the Palmetto Family Council over judicial bias in the Episcopal Church case


The Trans Dilemma – Human Dysphoria & the Life of Brian

The problem, the dysphoria, may lie more in the heart and soul than our biological formatting.


What we learned from Hurricane Katrina

It is very, very hard to watch images coming out of Houston in the wake of Harvey. Katrina left deep scars. When I see an image of my hometown under water, I can look past the damage and heart ache. And what I see is the church there about to experience its finest hour. 


“War on terror” shuts down churches and prayer

Churches shuttered by police over concerns they will iritate Muslims


The Enemy Within

I have written here more than once about the threat from violent, imperialistic Islam. But Britain – all Europe indeed – faces an equal and opposite danger: aggressive, intolerant secularism.


Hard truth about soft power

Charles Raven writes in Evangelicals Now on how Canterbury uses its influence to manipulate the Communion


Learning not to hate in the plural

Gavin Ashenden recommends PG Woodhouse as a balm for these troubled times


Sermon for the 9th Sunday after Trinity

Gavin Ashenden recounts the tale of an amphibian Christian