Homily for Candlemass

The pre-eminence of the Spirit on the presentation of Christ 


The deception of Justin Welby

"The sordid saga has demonstrated that it is actually the Archbishop of Canterbury who has a ‘significant cloud’ over his name and office"


Bishops display an appalling lack of leadership in affirming transgenderism

Earlier this week, the House of Bishops announced that they would not prepare liturgy to mark a person’s ‘gender transition’ for the Church of England. 

Welby's will to power

Pride and ego, sanity and sanctity, in the saga of George Bell


From Doubt to Certainty: Luther's Transformation

A.S. Haley looks at Luther's path towards justification by faith alone by grace alone


Homily for the 3rd Sunday after Epiphany

Gavin Ashenden speaks about Jesus the "alchemist of hope" at the wedding at Cana


Sermon for the 2nd Sunday after Epiphany

God's Break-in to the human heart; the Lamb who was slain.


How important is sex, asks Peter Jensen

GAFCON leader reflects on faith, sex and the public square


Affirmations and Resolutions

There is something about the gung-ho attitude of New Year's Resolutions, writes Gavin Ashenden, that always fails to convince me