Homage to William Tyndale

Jules Gomes on a fitting model for a statue of libery


Sermon for the 16th Sunday after Trinity

By What Authority? The question and the answer, a homily by Gavin Ashenden.


Feminism is destroying its elders

It’s odd to find gender activists demonstrating in favour of love, peace, tolerance and inclusion, beating up elderly feminists at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park.


Sunday Sermon - 15th Sunday after Trinity

Gavin Ashenden preaches on "The First shall be last"


Studying the Culicidae Cantuaria

Jules Gomes sees the Archbishop of Canterbury as a small biting insect spreading the disease of Keynesian economics


A crisis of character at the top of the Anglican Communion

Is Justin Welby incapable of thinking seriously about ethical problems in relation to the Bible during a live radio interview?


Schools failing British students by dropping religious education

A quarter of secondary schools in the UK are not teaching their pupils any religious education 


Is Gafcon divisive

Peter Jensen responds to the canard that Gafcon is a stalking horse for schism


Church of England, or Church in England?

diminishing the political power of religion ... increased its true spiritual power,


The Church of England will die unless we read the Bible

"A church cannot survive if its people are not formed by the Bible ..."


Beware the Oppressive ‘Rainbow Wooden Horse’

‘Who is the real parent of a surrogate child procured to embellish a same sex marriage’?


RIP the C of E – choked by her own niceness

The C of E lost her identity in the fog of congeniality. She was so nice to everyone