George Carey asks 'why the silence' from the House of Bishops on George Bell

Justin Welby's handling of the George Bell affair "has been so far unsatisfactory" says Lord Carey


Justice for Bishop George Bell

Paper presented to the George Bell Conference, "Rebuilding Bridges" on 5 Oct 2018 by Gavin Ashenden


In Favour of Clarity

Peter Jensen applauds the Nigerian decision to reject the invitation to Lambeth 2020


Infuse land debate with Gospel values says Capetown archbishop

Op-ed on land reform and collectivization by South African Archbishop Thabo Makgoba


The castrated god

The Bishop of Gloucester wants to castrate God and free women in the name of Gender Equality


The religion of socialism is the opium of the elitist Archbishop Justin Welby

Raising his clenched fist in a sanctified Stalinist salute, the Archbishop of Canterbury delivered a fiery podium-thumping speech to the Trades Union Congress, exposing himself as a full Monty socialist.


‘Thought Crime’ ~ Policing in England today.

Gavin Ashenden looks at the death of common sense in British policing