A call to evangelicals to stand firm

"[T]he only certain predictor of growth in the church is adherence by ministers to God’s Word': the Bishop of Maidstone 


Why it is important to protect our street preachers

This case "sets an incredibly dangerous precedent", Roger Kiska writes, because a nation's value for freedom of expression is "a barometer of how healthy a democracy is".


Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners

That simple statement from 1 Timothy 1:15 has always been one of my favourite Bible verses, for a number of reasons. Pre-eminently, though, it is because it conveys the heart of the gospel.


The End of Church & State?

“Christian Britain died in 1963”. So wrote the historian Calum Brown. 


Elders of the Tribe

Bishops do focus the Church, but what they focus is the Church as it is. Being a focus of disunity is not therefore in itself a sign of pastoral failure.


Conservative Anglicans are like ISIS?

Fr Dwight Longenecker reflects on the fatuous views of Michael Fabricant MP.


WSJ Resists Media Entropy, Finds Faith In The 'Sooner State'

A race to the bottom is underway in the media, and the 'quality' press is in the lead.


Being Radical about Radical Inclusion

David Walker argues: "To be purposefully paradoxical is to recognise that whilst consistency may be a feature of the endpoints of a journey it is rarely present all along the way."


Dear Archbishops: What Is 'A Radical New Inclusion'?

"The gospel Jesus preached was certainly 'radically inclusive' – but also deeply transformative," David Baker reminds the archbishops.