Lying for the sake of truth - TASS on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Denigrating TASS for exhibiting political bias may be pointless -- But Russia is no longer the Soviet Union, and there was a brief moment when TASS and other Russian media outlets sought to follow the Anglo-American principles of disinterested reporting. That era has ended.  


China must explain death of leading Christian lawyer

Celebrated Chinese campaigner for Christian freedom, Dr Li Baiguang, has died in suspicious circumstances in China


Immigration Politics – A Danger for ACNA

From its inception, The Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) has tread carefully and selectively on political matters.


Securing a Future or Stockpiling Whitewash?

Peter Sanlon speaks to the Anglican Partnership Synod in Rochester on what must be done


The astonishing change in our social conversation

‘Sex’ is no consolation for the loss of free speech, and the capacity to test and discover the truth with each other.


How is your heart? Part 1

A seven part Lenten meditation from Archbishop Peter Jensen


Failure to communicate - Cardinal Marx and gay blessings

Claims German cardinal gave his blessing to gay blessings were erroneous