It just won't do Mr. Gove

Lauding the insipid leadership of the Church of England does not serve the Christian faith, Gavin Ashenden argues,


Lord, open the King of England's eyes!

"Lord, open the King of England’s eyes!"

These, of course, were the last reported words of William Tyndale who was strangled and then burnt in 1536.


The Atonement and the New York Times

In an otherwise commendable article on an abuse story from the Church of England, the New York Times offers stereotypical stock characters. While the facts are there in the story, the call to empathy, understanding diverse points of view and thinking critically about one’s own beliefs is noticeably absent.


Bishop's resignation shows some didn't get the memo on mutual flourishing of men and women in the Church of England

You would be forgiven if you had failed to note the recent news that the soon to be Bishop of Sheffield has decided to step down from the post before officially taking it up, writes the CoE's director of Communications Arun Arora


The death spiral has begun for the Church of England

The Philip North crisis has shown us what the end game always was. The monopoly of a sub-Christian, neo-Arian, power-driven heterodoxy that was infuriated by Christian orthodoxy.


Keith Ackerman responds to the Philip North affair for Forward in Faith - NA

"reform within an ecclesial institution is usually destined to failure unless your name is St. Francis."


Presiding Bishop Curry Offers Theological Reflection on Transgender Rights

I offer this brief theological reflection to share some of my thoughts and convictions which informed my decision to join the amicus brief in support of a transgender youth who seeks equal access according to his gender identity, to bathroom facilities in his public school.


Closer ties with China do not bring the Gospel to China

The archbishop of Hong Kong is a stooge of the Communist regime in Beijing and is no friend to China's persecuted Christians, Andrew Tam writes.


A call to evangelicals to stand firm

"[T]he only certain predictor of growth in the church is adherence by ministers to God’s Word': the Bishop of Maidstone 


Why it is important to protect our street preachers

This case "sets an incredibly dangerous precedent", Roger Kiska writes, because a nation's value for freedom of expression is "a barometer of how healthy a democracy is".


Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners

That simple statement from 1 Timothy 1:15 has always been one of my favourite Bible verses, for a number of reasons. Pre-eminently, though, it is because it conveys the heart of the gospel.