The myth of moderate Islam

Brother of oil worker murdered by Jihadists responds to the Bishop of Bangor


Africa is now the epicenter of the Christian world, says Archbishop Okoh

"the era of European Christendom has passed and that in this 500th anniversary year of the Reformation, a new start is being made"


Preventing Schism in the Church of England

"Is schism the biggest, or even the only, heresy in today's church?", askes James Oakley.


Gavin Ashenden reflects on the birth and near death of Christian culture

We have hardly yet even found the courage to acknowledge the truth about the problem, let alone find a solution- assuming we even want one.


Welby fiddles while the SEC burns

David Ould comments on the Archbishop of Canterbury's Scottish plans


Islam and Islamism: A study in truth telling

Gavin Ashenden asks how long political and church leaders can keep the lie going of peaceful Islam


Anglicans and Catholics Meet at Waffle House


In ecumenical discussions these aspects of Anglicanism are treated rather like the crazy aunt you have chained in the attic.


CHEXIT:- Staying, leaving or consecrating new bishops

Gavin Ashenden calls for a new Christian scaffolding for the church in England


Gretna Green and the dog that didn’t bark”

Gavin Ashenden looks at the opportunities and omissions in the Lagos communique


What lies behind the Truro mess

Canterbury and the Episcopal Church reveal strategy to use “reconciliation” initiatives to target diocesan cathedrals around the Anglican Communion as they gear up for Lambeth 2020.


It just won't do Mr. Gove

Lauding the insipid leadership of the Church of England does not serve the Christian faith, Gavin Ashenden argues,