Chancellor and three archbishops elected for Church of Nigeria

General Synod has elected three new archbishops to serve the ecclesiastical provinces of Jos, Kaduna and Kwara and a chancellor for the national church.


Nigerian General Synod underway

12th triennial synod meets this week in Port Harcourt


Interfaith plea for peace on the Korean peninsula

Seoul – To sign and apply the cease-fire, negotiate a peace treaty, establish a long-lasting reconciliation era in the Korean peninsula: are the requests contained in a special peace appeal signed


Former CANA archdeacon arrested for probation violation

Wayne Buchanan alleged to have used the internet to access websites and conduct searches prohibited under his plea deal


Show biz producer comes to the aid of Maltese cathedral

Cats producer Sir Cameron Mackintosh pledges €100,000 to save St Paul's Anglican Cathedral


Scots ‘impair’ communion with Australia

The General Synod has acknowledged that relationship with the Scottish Episcopal Church has been impaired by the SEC removing gender from its marriage canon.


General Synod Day 4 - putting things right

Domestic abuse was the focus of discussion on the fourth day of Australia's general synod reports David Ould


Australian synod rebukes Scottish Episcopal Church over gay marriage

In a complex but mainly well-tempered debate the Anglican Church of Australia’s General Synod has passed a motion regarding the recent move by the Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC) to change their ca


General Synod Day 1 - Dealing with the past

David Ould reports on the first day of the Australian general synod