Parliamentary committee proposes govt registration and oversight of all churches

Proposals to ban snakehandling and curtail fraudulent ministers an overreach of authority by the state, church leaders say


First bishop for India's newest diocese

Dr Oommen George consecrated as Bishop in Kollam-Kottarakara


Sydney synod focuses on mission

Sydney Archbishop Glenn Davies has used his Presidential Address as a rallying call to stand firm in proclaiming the gospel.


Cape Town parish firebombed

Student protester arrested for arson attack on St Mark's in District Six


UK Unity Forum meets

Women clergy not in the cards for British traditionalists


Continuing churches sign concordat of full communion

Anglican Church in America, Anglican Catholic Church, Anglican Province of America and the Diocese of the Holy Cross to seek "full, institutional and organic union with each other”


Welby back on top

The primates are fully satisfied with the Archbishop of Canterbury’s handling of the disciplinary measures handed down by the 2016 primates gathering, Justin Welby said today.


African Anglicans stooges of wealthy Americans, affirms Idowu-Fearon

ACC secretary general tells reporters he stands behind his December remarks the GAFCON movement in Africa was created with American money


Scotland on day one's docket at the Canterbury primates meeting

The revision of the Scottish Episcopal Church’s marriage canons to permit same-sex weddings was among the first topics addressed yesterday at the meeting of primates in Canterbury.


Turkey holds American minister hostage

President Erdogan seeks swap of the Rev. Andrew Brunson for a Turkish political rival living in the US


ACC Standing Committee member weds same-sex partner

SEC's Alistair Dinnie marries Peter Matthews at St John's Edinburgh