Martial law in Harare

Army denies coup underway -- mission to protect President Robert Mugabe


The Anglican Planet talks to the Rev. Jake Worley

The following conversation took place between Sharon Dewey Hetke and The Rev. Jake Worley in May, 2017, following Worley’s election as bishop of the Diocese of Caledonia on April 22, 2017, and the Provincial House of Bishops’ majority decision not to approve his election.


No selfies during mass, Pope Francis tells Catholics

"Please! Mass is not a show: ... Remember: no cellphones,” says Francis


West Indian archbishop urges repeal of Jamaica's sodomy laws

West Indian Anglican bishops were “intellectual apostates" Evangelical leaders claim for their support for decriminalization of sodomy


CPG urges General Convention not to change the clergy 'defined benefit' retirement plan

Moving to a defined contribution from a defined benefit plan was 'irresponsible' report to General Convention stated


Religious test for ACNA judicial nominee

An Episcopalian member of the US Senate grilled a nominee for the Federal Judiciary over his membership in an ACNA congregation, asking if his beliefs would prejudice his work as a judge.


Oregon bishop accused of fraud

Civil suit filed after Labor Bureau and Church investigation reject claims lodged against Bishop Michael Hanley


Divisions over Christian essentials on view at Hereford synod

Vote for gay blessings congruent with Welby's call for "radical inclusion" says Bishop Frith


Dan Martins out at Nashotah House

Springfield bishop not re-elected to the board, forcing him to step down as its chairman


Hereford calls for gay blessing rites

Diocesan resolution to go to the Church of England's General Synod for action