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Episcopalians, Sex, and Schism

The IRD will be reporting from General Convention in Austin


ARCIC III releases report on Anglican-Catholic relations

First agreed report entitled "Walking Together on the Way: Learning to Be the Church -- Local, Regional, Universal" released today in Rome


Disaffiliation in the Diocese of ChristChurch

Peter Carrell writes on discussions underway between the diocese and parishes that seek to leave the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand & Polynesia over the gay marriage dispute


Australian diocese pushes ahead with same-sex blessings

Diocese of Wangaratta synod endorses gay blessings with bishop's backing


Church plant paper released by the CoE

"Its the culture, stupid" opines George Conger -- the CoE's church planting program penalizes success and subsidizes failure


"Indissolubly together" GAFCON III at the midpoint

Spirits are high at GAFCON III as the conference moves towards its close, but major issues remain to be addressed


Being LGBT in the Church: Coming out, solidarity and support

"I've been very inspired by meeting LGBT Christians who've challenged and have spoken out – and come out in often very difficult circumstances," said the Rev Sally Hitchiner


No “Fence Sitting” For GAFCON Anglicans

Jeff Walton of the IRD reports on the first day of GAFCON III


Episcopal National Cathedral Rallies for Capital Pride Parade

Washington National Cathedral will continue an annual tradition by participating in the Capital Pride Parade


Church of England will not seek costs in the Pemberton case

Church Estates Commissioner tells Parliament that the CoE will not seek reimbursement of its legal costs from Jeremy Pemberton