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11 dead in Muslim attacks on Christians in Nigeria

A minister, his wife, and two childen burt to death in their home by Fulani militants


Gavin Ashenden on the BBC speaking against no-fault divorce

Gavin Ashenden takes part in a panel discussion about no fault divorce on the BBC Victoria Derbyshire show.


Anglicanism Sustains Democracy & Religious Freedom

Nigel Biggar discusses the role of the church in maintaining a politically liberal free society


Doctors claim right to 'play god' by starving patients unable to feed themselves

British Medical Association asks that doctors be allowed to withhold food and water from those in vegetative states


Ely Cathedral pride flag under the spotlight

Lee Gatiss writes: "They are not naive, and know what they are doing"


A House for Fruitbombs and Saints

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse -- Jeff Walton reports on the church of what's happening now


Ely cathedral and the great apostasy

Ely cathedral has promised to fly the gay rainbow flag this weekend reports Gavin Ashenden


Coptic bishop murdered in Egyptian monastery

Police investigating the suspicious death of Bishop Epiphanius, Abbot of St Macarius the Great monaster in Wadi Natrun


Parish meeting turns into a riot

A parish meeting called to put forward names for election to the vestry turned into a riot last Sunday in the Vellore, India.


Trump threatens Turkey over imprisoned American missionary

Unless Turkey releases Andrew Brunson, the US will take immediate action against the Erdoğan regime, the president said this week