Kenya introduces Bible-based anti-corruption guide

Critics say ethical education as a response to corruption is "nonsense"


Bristol opens youth-focused church for its city center

Closed after being damaged during the Second World War, St Nicholas will serve the city's under-30 population


Corruption is killing Malawi, bishop says

Bishop Francis Kaulanda urges voters to elect honest leaders in 2019


Gay marriage tipping point for the CoE reached?

Dr Ian Paul calls upon the English bishops to end the current farce


Ecumenical first - Anglicans join Catholic bishops in ad limina visit to Rome

Two Church of England bishops accompanied the Catholic bishops of England and Wales to Rome for their ad limina visit with the Pope


Congo consecration for Canada

Congolese archbishop consecrates missionary bishop for Western Canada


Chinese Catholic Church vows fealty to the Communist Party

Press release by PCA on the signing of the Vatican-Peking concordat restates its hierachy of loyalties


Episcopal Marriage, Baptism numbers collapse

The number of marriages taking place in the denomination has collapsed nearly 60 percent in the past 15 years


Michael Nazir-Ali: Is Religious Freedom Becoming an “Orphaned Right”

Jeff Walton reports on Michael Nazir-Ali's address to the Religious Freedom Institute in Washington


Taz bishop seeks court order blocking disciplinary hearing

Bishop Philip Newell has petitioned the Supreme Court of Tasmania to suspend church proceedings, arguing he is too ill to respond to the charges.


Retired Sydney Archbishop Donald Robinson dead at 95

One of the towering figures of Anglicanism in the 20th century has died


Calls to expropriate church lands in South Africa

EFF adds churches and traditional tribal leaders to its list of those whose land must be expropriated by the state