Eastern Newfoundland synod issues call to merge diocese

The diocese’s average sunday attendance declined from 9,300 in 1990 to 3,900 in 2015.


7 dead in ISIS attack on Egyptian pilgrims

Terrorists attack pilgrims returning froma visit to the Anba Samuel the Confessor monastery southeast of Cairo


Court rejects Cook plea for clemency

Court declines to allow ex-bishop time off for good behavior


Uganda reaffirms confirmation a requirement for receiving Holy Communion

24th Provincial Assembly issues guidelines asking children who have not been confirmed to not be presented for the Eucharist


Asia Bibi acquitted of blasphemy charges

Pakistan Supreme Court orders her death sentence be set aside


Church of Ceylon denounces coup in Sri Lanka

Diocese of Colombo urges president to honor the rule of law


Sydney offers guidelines of use of church properties

Bridge in, Yoga out. Synod sets parameters of what is allowed on church property


Evangelism key to the renewal of the Diocese of Montana, bishop says

“Our slogan ‘The Episcopal Church Welcomes You’ is not enough; we need to learn to seek and invite.”


Archbishop rejects ‘mischief making’ over Ruddock Report

Sydney Anglican Schools do not expel students for being gay, Archbishop Davies told his diocesan synod