Former Church of South India moderator arrested for theft

Dectectives from the Vijaywada branch of the CID led Bishop Govada Dyvasirvadam away in handcuffs Tuesday


Adelaide archbishop's conviction for abuse cover up overturned

Appeals court throws out conviction of former Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson


Huntington Beach rector defrocked for misconduct

Michael Archer deposed for violating pastoral directive during financial investigation


Pakistani Police warn of potential terror attacks on Christians

The Pakistan police have sent a letter to all the leaders of Christian institutes warning them about possible terrorist attacks, organized in connection with the case of Asia Bibi.


Barbados bishop appointed

West Indian bishops appoint Fr. Michael Maxwell to be the 14th Bishop of Barbados


South Island parish quits NZ church

St Matthew's Dunedin quits diocese of Dunedin over gay marriage


Eastern Newfoundland synod issues call to merge diocese

The diocese’s average sunday attendance declined from 9,300 in 1990 to 3,900 in 2015.


7 dead in ISIS attack on Egyptian pilgrims

Terrorists attack pilgrims returning froma visit to the Anba Samuel the Confessor monastery southeast of Cairo


Court rejects Cook plea for clemency

Court declines to allow ex-bishop time off for good behavior


Uganda reaffirms confirmation a requirement for receiving Holy Communion

24th Provincial Assembly issues guidelines asking children who have not been confirmed to not be presented for the Eucharist