Statement by the Dean of Washington's National Cathedral on the church's role in the inauguration of President Trump

As the new Dean of Washington National Cathedral, I have seen firsthand the Cathedral’s singular ability to draw the nation’s attention to an issue or a cause.


Canadian bishop lays out the case for same-sex marriage

Extract from Bishop Michael Bird of Niagara's address to his diocese's 142nd annual synod meeting


Documents in the dispute between the Diocese of Egypt and the ECA

Statement on the Relationship between the ECA and Diocese of Egypt given to Anglican Ink on 1 Nov 2016 by the President of the ECA


Advent pastoral letter from GAFCON chairman Nicholas Okoh

At this critical point in the life of the Communion, we need your full support. Will it return to the ancient paths or sleepwalk into fatal compromise?


Presiding Bishop's letter to Haitian bishops calling for a 'time out'

Michael Curry suspends canon law proceedings brought by Haiti's bishops against each other. Sets up mediation process to resolve disputes


Letter from Michael Curry to North Dakota governor over pipeline protests

Presiding Bishop urges Governor to de-escalate tensions with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation and withdraw military equipment from policing efforts


An Open Letter to the Secretary General of the Archbishops' Council

Vicar of one of the Church of England's largest congregations rebuts William Nye's claim that all is well with the CoE


No gay marriage in New Westminster before 2019

The Rt. Rev. Melissa Skelton states the Diocese of New Westminster will wait 3 years before moving forward with same-sex marriages


Call for Bruno to stay away from LA diocesan convention

Canons forbid a cleric under investigation from participating in synod meetings


Episcopal Divinity School trustees letter of 14 Nov 2016

Gary Hall and Bonnie Anderson report sharp financial losses for Cambridge school