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Anglican Unscripted 520 – “What is Truth?” asked Pilate

The mood of the Communion is very cold in Canada as the iceberg seems to be breaking up and very hot in...

Anglican Unscripted 519 – Ordaining our Wives

Usually, Religion News is very slow in the summer. The biggest international news can be a simple as the local...

Anglican Unscripted 518 – Chacun voit midi à sa porte

The 3 Amigos continue their discussion of the Jonathon Fletcher news breaking out this week in England.

Anglican Unscripted 517 – Archbishop Beach Interview

Kevin Kallsen and Archbishop Beach break down the latest news from the ACNA, GAFCON, CofE and the best vacations. Order ACNA Book of...

Anglican Unscripted 516 – Reporting the horror

Kevin Kallsen, George Conger and Gavin Ashenden (reporting from France) discuss the further developments around Jonathan Fletcher and the Iwerne Camps. ...

Anglican Unscripted 515 – A Prosperity Gospel Bishop?

Kevin Kallsen and Matt Kennedy talk about the 'Creep" of the Prosperity Gospel in into the church and heresy accusations against an...

Anglican Unscripted 514 ACNA Provincial Assembly

Kevin Kallsen and Jeff Walton discuss Assembly 2019 which was held in Plano last week, and two new TEC Bishops who are...

Anglican Unscripted 513 – Anglican’s Nixonion Moment

Kevin, George, and Gavin report on an evolving story about another Church of England coverup. This one involving a prominent retired...

Anglican Unscripted 512 – Derangement Syndrome

PB Curry does not seem to want Bishop Love of Albany to be a Martyr. The Archbishop of Hong Kong...

Anglican Unscripted 511 – Prosperity & Gender Cancer

Your 3 amigos talk about the difference between a lone heretical bishop and an entire province which has endorsed heresy.

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Cape Town archbishop assaulted during visit to refugee encampment

Archbishop Thabo today appealed for prayers for asylum seekers and refugees after being attacked by some of those who have taken refuge...

Anglican Unscripted 550 – An Anglican Pachamama?

It is interesting to witness what theology has become an idol for the leadership of the Anglican Communion.

Anglican Unscripted 549 – The Global South Covenant

Canon Andrew Gross sits down with Kevin to talk about the Covenant adopted by the Global South at their Cairo meeting in...

Catholic priest reprimanded for allowing an Anglican woman priest...

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Malaga has censored one its clergy for permitting a female Anglican priest to concelebrate the Eucharist at...