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AU 510 – Women in the Episcopate

Stephen Noll and Kevin Kallsen talk about GAFCON, Women Bishops, and the Property Gospel in Africa.

Anglican Unscripted 509 – All is Well

For many in the Church of England, there is nothing wrong.

Anglican Unscripted 507 – Cardiac Ascension

Anglican Unscripted 507 - Cardiac Ascension Ascension day took a new meaning for Gavin this week.

Anglican Unscripted 506 – Newspeak Mantra

We are losing the greatest generation and the values they fought and died to protect. A vicar in the CofE steps...

Anglican Unscripted 505 – Hiding the Cross from Islam

Sometimes we lose focus, sometimes we miss the opportunity, and sometimes we are just plain stupid.

Anglican Unscripted 504 – Hijabs for Bishops

It is amazing to see the news and pictures coming out of the Church of England around Ramadan.

Anglican Unscripted 503 – The Failure of Compromise

Compromise is so tempting, but history and church history has shown it justs leads to death.

Anglican Unscripted 502 – Phyletism is alive a well

CANA - Convocation of Anglicans in North America AMIA - Anglican Mission in the Americas

Anglican Unscripted 501 – The CANA Divorce

It was ten years in the making, but it looks like CANA is following in the footsteps of AMIA.SHOW MORE

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