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Anglican Unscripted 534 -“Darkness cannot drive out darkness”

The Winsome Trio discuss their critics and that latest crazy news around the communion.

Anglican Unscripted 533 – Therefore go and Virtue Signal

A notable week for your winsome trio as we talk about virtual signaling and some recent examples.

Anglican Unscripted 530 – Spiritual Porn

Your Anglican Trio talks about the collapse of Brexit, the Uniqueness of Jesus Christ, and the death of Robert Mugabe.

Anglican Unscripted 529 – Varvatious

The Anglican Trio talks about Cathedral Yoga, Justin Welby's Brexit haste, and all the news from the 'Been-There-Done-That Episcopal Church.

Anglican Unscripted 526 – Is Satan Real?

We discuss an age-old topic today regarding Satan -- while talking about the Anglican News.

Anglican Unscripted 525 – Apology Tour Inc.

When the church loses it's focus on the Gospel, it runs amuck with clergy looking for things to apologize for.

Anglican Unscripted 523 – Helter Skelter

Last week it was Golf in the Cathedral to raise attendance. Not to be outdone, another Diocese in the Church of...

Anglican Unscripted 522 – Double Bogey or Par?

Who is running the Church of England? Nobody... if the blogs are to be believed. Also, you may not need...

Anglican Unscripted 521 – THE SEX BOMB

Kevin, George, and Gavin have updates on the Fletcher case and Gavin talks about the 'Bomb' in Jersey.

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Cape Town archbishop assaulted during visit to refugee encampment

Archbishop Thabo today appealed for prayers for asylum seekers and refugees after being attacked by some of those who have taken refuge...

Anglican Unscripted 550 – An Anglican Pachamama?

It is interesting to witness what theology has become an idol for the leadership of the Anglican Communion.

Anglican Unscripted 549 – The Global South Covenant

Canon Andrew Gross sits down with Kevin to talk about the Covenant adopted by the Global South at their Cairo meeting in...

Catholic priest reprimanded for allowing an Anglican woman priest...

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Malaga has censored one its clergy for permitting a female Anglican priest to concelebrate the Eucharist at...