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Convert or be converted – the challenge for Anglican cathedrals today.

Three Anglican cathedrals have set out to increase both their appeal to the  public and to get more people into the building.

Diversity and conscience clauses

It has always seemed strange to me that once the gay community won their freedom to marry in civil law, as well...

The perils and futility of a Church that imposes Pelagianism on Twitter

A week in a tent on the hard ground with a leaking air bed has reminded me to be grateful for my...

Reductionist dogs and the near death experience.

One of the experiences that many of us share, is having our hearts melted by the way that dogs look at us. Of...

The victimhood of John Cleese, defender of the Holy Grail of free speech.

When is a dead parrot not a dead parrot? Answer:- when it is a canary in a coal mine.  John Cleese...

Covering crosses, hiding Jesus and the quest for the truth about God.

I’ve had a rather exciting media week. As one of my friends said, “it’s nice to see Gavin in the Sun fully...

Truth, beauty and the creeping hand of totalitarianism. The witch-hunting of Scruton.

It’s strange how people use the word medieval as an insult. Yet they were deeply concerned for both truth and beauty.

Islam, the media & the conspiracy of silence

One of the Sunday school teachers in the Church in Sri Lanka has written about what they were doing on Easter day.

Secular sex and marriage: an exercise in objectification and de-humanising

The discovery of fire, and more importantly learning to manage fire, was the moment when civilisation took a leap forward. The discovery...

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