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A paper presented to a House of Lords select committee reviewing the Sex Education and Health Education Act 2019

Introduction “A future generation that are going to have grown immune to the problems associated with the sexualisation of children and...

The Transfiguration and human Transformation

Save our children from the sex and gender activists who are using them as tools of their fundamentalist ideology.

Our children should not have to pay the price for grown-ups closing their minds. The Conservative government in...

Jesus and the poor meet Brexit and the Apocalypse

‘The crisis for freedom and faith’

John Anderson (former Australian deputy prime minister) in conversation with Gavin Ashenden

Freedom costs. Are we willing to pay the cost of being free?

“I have nothing to offer you except  ‘blood, toil, sweat and tears’ ” promised Winston Churchill when he stepped in as Prime...

Finding the Jesus in the company of the wise

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Archbishop Welby’s charge of Church colluding with colonialism is...

There’s nothing like a European Union flunky complaining about colonialism to trigger off a hernia. There’s also nothing like the grand panjandrum...

Anglican Unscripted 496 – Losing our Religion

The Theological Trio discuss some very disheartening news happening on campuses around the world.

Lay push to remove Bishop of Manicaland from office

A second Central Africa diocese has witnessed a vote of no confidence in their bishop and calls for his resignation. Parishioners from...

Muslim parent revolt against LGBT syllabus spreads to more...

The parents’ uprising against the “No Outsiders” LGBT curriculum at Parkfield Community School in Saltley, inner-city Birmingham has spread to Anderton Park Primary...