Welby offers his hopes for GAFCON


Welby offers his hopes for GAFCON


Susie Leafe & Justin Welby

A follow up question to the Archbishop of Canterbury about GAFCON at the General Synod of the Church of England, 8 Feb 2018

Susie Leafe, Truro: Thank you, Archbishop. How would you respond to the concerns raised by some of those planning to attend Gafcon who feel that rather than being listened to as you describe in your answer, they have actually been warned off attending by other senior colleagues?

The Archbishop of Canterbury: Well, all I can say is that when I have been asked, I have said totally openly, that having talked to numerous primates about this, who are part of Gafcon, notably people like the Primate of Kenya, that where Gafcon is acting as a ginger group, a source of prayer and renewal, of spiritual life within God’s people around the world and within the Anglican Communion within that.. it is a very good thing.  I have not warned people off attending, but I can’t speak for other people, and if you give me examples, privately, I am happy to speak privately to people. Thank you.