St David's Day message from the Bishop of St David's


St David's Day message from the Bishop of St David's


Joanna Penberthy

To the leaders of the Welsh Government and Senedd

“This year has been a tumultuous year in so many ways.

“One of the sad things that has been apparent on both sides of the Atlantic is the willingness of politicians to say whatever they like in order to gain votes, and for the media to write headlines, stories and tweets whether or not what they are saying or writing is true.

“On this St David’s day, we are called to remember the virtues of honesty and plain speaking which St David exemplified.

“Disagreement is natural and welcome in a democracy. As we disagree with one another honestly and openly, we can learn from each other’s divergent points of view.

“It is heartening that the Senedd and the media produced in Wales have been able to practise this honest dialogue. As you continue to do so and remain firm in your commitment to honesty and truthfulness, you will remain an example for the people of Wales and those far beyond our shores to emulate.

“May the simple honesty of St David remain your inspiration and your guide.”