March 2018


Kenyan archbishop hits out against a lawless government

Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit calls upon the executive branch of the government to obey court rulings


Bishop endorses lifting Ireland's abortion ban

Pastoral letter from the first Anglican bishop to come out in favor of eliminating the Irish constitution's anti-abortion clause.


Muslims must prove their religion is one of peace

The new ‘hate-laws’ require us to determine if Islam is a religion of peace; the judiciary is muddled; a comparison with Jesus helps.



Easter message from the Archbishop of Uganda

If you want to have eternal life, turn to Jesus Christ. Choose this day whom you will serve!


Manx priest jailed for abuse

52 months imprisonment for priest who molested three girls


Easter message from the Prince of Wales

Charles voices support and concern for persecuted Christians


Update on response to Papua New Guinea earthquake

Anglican Alliance report on earthquake relief efforts in Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea church backs ecumenical earthquake response project

Magnitude 7.5 earthquake in Papua New Guinea has left hundreds dead and many more homeless.