April 2016


AU 226 - Self Identities Revealed

TEC has a sexual identity crisis this week and the ABC doubles down on happy happy primates....


'Holding together in diversity' -- Justin Welby

Archbishop Justin Welby reflects on the recent Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Lusaka. 


Claims that a Muslim cleric is an ex-Episcopal priest are lies, bishops declare

The Archbishop of South East Asia have asked the Malaysian government to investigate claims made by a Muslim preacher that he is a former priest of the Episcopal Church.


Apologies for slavery unhelpful, Barbados bishop argues

"I am not sure what an apology would do at this stage,” said Bishop Rufus Brome 


Lambeth Palace denies Justin Welby said homosexuality is 'morally wrong'

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s staff have questioned the veracity of quotes ascribed to the Most Rev. Justin Welby in an interview published with the Harare Sunday Mail.


NC Bishops back transgender bathroom rights

Bishops say new law refuses "Refus[es] to understand the complexity of the lives of transgender persons and criminaliz[es] nonproblematic behavior by members only of that community"


Anglican - Catholic meeting on the theology of ordination

Communique from the fourth international meeting of the Malines Conversations Group


Corruption investigation launched into Dar es Salaam bishop

A provincial inquiry into charges of financial misconduct by the Rt. Rev. Valentino Mokiwa has been launched by the East African Church


Nairobi bishop denies forgery charges

" I deny having forged any letter, God is my witness," says Bishop Waweru 


Response to the ​Pastoral Letter ​from the Bishops of the Church in Wales

M B Davie's response to the Pastoral Letter issued by the Bishops of the Church in Wales, considering the letter from a theological perspective.