March 2016


An Easter Report from the Communion Partners of the Episcopal Church

"We call for the conclusion of litigation between the Episcopal Church and its former members, and for prayer and work for eventual reconciliation with those who have left the Episcopal Church."


Cape Town archbishop denounces govt corruption

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba today called for a “tsunami of truth-telling” about corrupt influence-peddling on government by business interests.

What is the Anglican Consultative Council meeting for?

Lusaka is not the place to sort out church polity, unity, doctrine or matters of sexuality. Those are the callings of the primates meeting and the Lambeth conference of Bishops.


Easter is about more than chocolate eggs or bunnies

About 55% said the most important thing about Easter for them was the chocolate egg. Although 20% opted for the cross, another solid 10% went for the Easter Bunny.


Ntagali urges president to veto Islamic banking bill

"Islamic banking will be run on Sharia law which is hinged on unique legal principles which are in many ways contrary to Uganda's constitution.”


Salesian leaders deny claim kidnapped priest crucified

Catholic leaders in India have denied American press reports that a Salesian priest kidnapped by ISIS in Aden last month was crucified on Good Friday.


The resurrection is about celebrating diversity says Bishop of Gippsland

"in Easter love to dare to believe that in God’s love and good grace people flourish when we live our diversity." The Rt. Rev. Kay Goldsworthy


Archbishop of Armagh Easter Sermon

Richard Clarke's Easter message on Romans 8 given at St Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh