December 2015


Statement by the Church of England following the release of prosecution files on Bishop Peter Ball

"It is a matter of deep shame and regret that a bishop in the Church of England was sentenced earlier this year for a series of offences over 15 years against 18 young men known to him.


Fort Worth bans open carry of handguns in church

Bishop Jack Iker has endorsed the recommendation of the diocese’s risk management committee not to permit the open carry of firearms in its 62 parishes in North Central Texas.


Opposition to same-sex marriage leads to Kentucky rector's ouster

Vestry Members Unwittingly Confessed: Same-Sex Marriage Stance is What Ousted Calvary Church Rector


Statement by the Bishop of Albany following the arrest of Adam Egan

Statement by the Bishop of Albany in response to the arrest of the Rev. Adam Egan. Fr. Egan (pictured) has been released on bail and his hearing has been scheduled for 20 Jan 2016.


Reform Ireland takes their bishops to task over their gay marriage pastoral letter

"If Holy Scripture is not our bishops’ ultimate authority, then they have departed from the reformed Christian faith of which Anglicanism is a wonderful expression."


Persecution of Christians likely to worsen in 2016, Release International reports

The flight of faith witnessed in 2015 is set to continue into 2016, as Christian refugees are driven out of their communities and countries because of their religious beliefs.


Christmas message from the Primate of Rwanda

Do not overlook Mary’s bravery and let us all open the door for Christ when he comes knocking in the middle of the night -- Onesphore Rwaje


Be an instrument of God's peace -- Christmas message from the Archbishop of the West Indies

If there is a condition ... full of conflict and tension, a condition that makes the presence of peace difficult to implant and to maintain, one in which the use of a gun may seem to someone as an easier solution than the pursuit of reconciliation, do your best to restore peace. This is the greatest gift you can share at this time.