January 2012


Govt backs down in face of Nigeria’s general strike

The Bishop of Lagos has called upon the President of Nigeria to convene an all-party, all-ethnic congress to negotiate the future of the West African nation in the wake of a week-long general strik


Harare bishop arrested for holding confirmation service

A clergy wives’ conference has been cancelled following intervention by the Zimbabwe secret police.


New moderator for the Church of South India

The General Synod of the Church of South India has elected a new moderator.  At the 13 January 2012 meeting of the synod held at the Bishop Selvamony Retreat Centre, the Bishop in Kanyakumari the R


Pakistani government under fire for ordering church demolition

Christian leaders have denounced the seizure and demolition by the Punjab government of a two acre site in Lahore that housed a church, a women’s shelter, and seven homes.


Indian bishop fired for theft

A trial court of the Church of South India (CSI) has found the Bishop in Coimbatore guilty of misconduct and directed he be removed from office and deposed from ordained ministry.


Indian priest convicted of blasphemy by Sharia court for baptizing Christians

The All India Christian Council has condemned an indictment issued by a Sharia law court in Kashmir that charges two priests with blasphemy by enticing Muslims to convert to Christianity.


COE says 'Maybe' to ACNA

The title should actually read "The Archbishop recommends 'Maybe' to ACNA", but either title is equally strange sounding. 


Palestinian President pleas for peace during Lambeth Palace visit

The President of the Palestinian Authority has met with leaders of the Christian Churches of Britain in London following his talks with the British government over the stalled Middle East peace pro