December 2011


Archbishop of Canterbury's New Years Message

Quite a lot of the images we’re likely to remember from the footage of the riots in the summer will be of young people out of control in the streets, walking off with looted property from shops, no


First day after Christmas

"Which one of the Prophets did your fathers not persecute, and they killed the ones who prophesied the coming of the Just One, of whom now, too, you have become betrayers and murderers."


Archbishop of Canterbury's Christmas Sermon

When the first Christians read – or more probably heard – the opening words of John’s gospel, they would have understood straight away quite a lot more than we do.  They would have remembered, many


Christmas Greeting from the Province of Rwanda

December 23 rd , 2011

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Grace and peace to all of you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Archbishop Peter Jensen’s 2011 Christmas message

Christmas is our big annual reminder of the generous love of God. When Jesus was born, it was God himself entering our story to rescue us from sin.


Court victory for Quincy in church property dispute

An Illinois court has dismissed the claim that as a “matter of law” the Episcopal Church is a hierarchical with dioceses being subordinate to the national church, rejecting a motion for summary jud


A Pastoral Letter from Archbishop Duncan

“Recent events within the Anglican Mission in the Americas have challenged us all.


Southern Cone backs Anglican Covenant

La Provincia Anglicana del Cono Sur – the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone – has endorsed the Anglican Covenant.