Maori archbishop to step down

Archbishop Brown Turei has announced his intention to retire after more than 65 years in ordained ministry.


Barry Morgan of Wales to step down

The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, will retire next year after nearly 14 years at the helm of the Church in Wales and 24 years as a bishop.


Diocese in Europe welcomes gay wedding

Diocesan website reports on the same-sex marriage of prominent layman in Copenhagen


Burmese govt cracks down on rogue Buddhist monks

Myanmar Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs orders demolition of pagodas illegally built on church lands


Egypt to relax restrictions on church building

Mixed reactions to new government law on church construction


Probation for Albany rector on Peeping Tom charge

A former Albany rector has been sentenced to three years probation on a Peeping Tom charge, but was spared having to register as a sex offender in the State of New York.


Mugabe warns churches to keep quiet

Church leaders who have denounced the nonegarian strongman are tools of British imperialism, Mugabe claims